Alessi Kettle 9093 Black

  • Bird-shaped whistle, one of the best-selling Alessi kettle in the world; When the water starts boiling, the bird sings, leading to an inevitable smile
  • Designed by American architect Michael Graves (famous for his unique visual language) in 1985, mixing the influences taken from European Art, American Pop and quotes from pre-Columbian cultures
  • Smart, elegant, playful and fun
  • Buy Alessi Kettle 9093 Black to enjoy your home life even more, from an Alessi outlet in the UK



Italian design firm Alessi, arguably the most recognised name in tabletop design globally, renowned for bringing big name architects and designers (e.g. Philippe Starck), to create new artworks accessories for the table and kitchen; With over 200 designers working in their network. Quality materials and attention to the details are key, in order to create distinct pieces of homeware.

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